The Art of Game Design Essentials 5

Game Mechanics is the core of a game. Aesthetics, Technology and Story are only here to support Game Mechanics.So how to design game mechanics? From 6 aspects:Do the dimension changeThink about how many dimensions your game will be, and boundaries.Can we connect/transfer from 2D, 3D or even 0D space? Figure out objects, … Read More

The Art of Game Design Essentials 4

How to Create Immersive Play. Keep the player in the flow Everybody should be quite familiar with Flow Theory. But before that, we need to make sure game has clear goal and direct response. And also think about are there any distracting things in your game? Because many times, games tend … Read More

The Art of Game Design Essentials 3

Once you have an idea, you can start iteration. Each prototype should be able to: Answer a question/risk. Forget about the quality. We need speed here. Start from scratch if necessary. Prioritize your prototype. Parallel prototyping. (Sometimes they have dependencies. Start from the most difficult one.) Build a paper prototype if … Read More

The Art of Game Design Essentials 2

Four Basic Game Elements Aesthetics Game Mechanics Story Technology Behind Now we have core experience, let’s extend the concept a little bit. What else does a game need? The answer is theme! Theme is crucial to deliver the core experience. Everything we do should reinforce the theme. So after you … Read More

The Art of Game Design Essentials 1

What is game design? To design a game is to design an experience. The game itself is nothing but a vessel of user experience. The user experience is the key that really matters. However, experience is subtle, and hard to convey, because it exists only in your subconscious, and it’s also subjective, inaccurate, and also may not … Read More