The Art of Game Design Essentials 6

Balance The Game (Including PVP and PVE)Symmetrical Every player(including NPC) has the same resource, rules, same everything, except the player’s own skills lead to the final result.AsymmetricalIn this setting, usually players can choose different roles, and have advantages/disadvantages in a certain way. They can customize. Designer has more room to create dramatic situations. … Read More

The Meaning of FPS, and What’s Next

THE MEANING OF FPS AND WHAT’S NEXT THE BEGINNING OF MY FPS EXPERIENCE I personally started playing FPS games after Counter-Strike became a phenomenon. Before that, I was just following others’ steps, playing some games that someone else was crazy about. But after I found Counter-Strike in 2000, I knew … Read More

RT: Making a Guided Missile in libGDX with Box2D

Cite from: To see an example, take a look at this video: Or this one with overhead strikes: Finally here is a video that shows a large number of missiles chasing another missile:  To create a guided missile like this, you have to do a few things: Have a target, that is … Read More

RT: Air Resistance in Box2D

Cite from I’ve seen many questions asking how to implement air resistance (drag) in box2d, and the most common solution is to use body.setLinearDamping.  After just a little bit of research, I discovered that calculating air resistance is not that difficult.  Here is an example in Java using box2d.Note: … Read More

The Thin Red Line

There is only a thin red line between the sane and the mad.                                                                           … Read More

Horror Game Design

What Is The Source Of Fear? When you see an object, your brain will automatically and continuously start the object identification processing. Although the actual processing time maybe very brief, like only milliseconds, it seems your brain is using multiple passes to identify the object, also the environment around you. … Read More

Why I consider battlefield 4 a setback.

Battlefield 3, from all time, is my favorite online shooting game. It still has the cutting-edge graphics even by today’s standard, solid gameplay, and robust multiplayer map design. To me, it’s nearly perfect. It only requires minor tweaks at most. When it comes to Battlefield 4, after EA’s carpet bombing … Read More

Game Dev Note

Don’t only think about the gameplay. Camera position and player control are extremely crucial. Because if there’s no good method of interaction and expression, gameplay won’t matter. Spend more time on fixing them. It’s worth it. But fix them soon. Because everything else depends on them.

Puzzle Design Puzzle and Puzzle Game Classification Classification by domain and gameplay We can classify puzzle games by the skills that players need to solve them: mathematics (arithmetic, logic, space) (sudoku, chess puzzles, tangrams, Clue,Minesweeper, mazes, Rubik’s Cube), physics (Greek puzzle mugs, The Incredible Machine, Angry Birds, Bridge Builder),  visual field … Read More

The Art of Game Design Essentials 5

Game Mechanics is the core of a game. Aesthetics, Technology and Story are only here to support Game Mechanics.So how to design game mechanics? From 6 aspects:Do the dimension changeThink about how many dimensions your game will be, and boundaries.Can we connect/transfer from 2D, 3D or even 0D space? Figure out objects, … Read More